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Rubix Story

Launched in June 2020, Rubix Story is a guide to business, travel, investment, personal development and food and restaurants around the globe.

Our mission is to educate and bring out the hidden gems we, the team at Rubix Studios, embark upon during our daily work lives. We believe learning and development should be free and accessible to those who seek it.

We also believe by sharing our knowledge and experiences to those around us, we can provide our readers with the opportunity to learn and develop and to be completely immersed in our world.


Vincent is an Australian who lives in Melbourne and was born to Vietnamese parents. He has been involved in business and technology from an early age. Vincent started professional coding at the age of 15 and became a pioneer in PHP coding.

With a background in radiation therapy, Vincent is passionate about helping others, whether it’s personally or professionally. He can typically be found behind his computer screens or the camera lens. Vincent’s life is never dull, whether he is creating timeless pieces of art or writing thousands of lines of code.

As a full-stack developer, Vincent is an entrepreneur and problem solver who is always looking for solutions. He is also a highly respected photographer and videographer, trusted by international artists, concerts and festivals.

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